We offer a full range of professional services and managed services with a focus on mobility. Our range of professional services contracts to develop mobility strategies for companies. Assessment of the programs and the design of BYOD, to consult on the design of mobile platforms and applications for mobility solution policies.

We also offer a comprehensive range of managed mobility services, which include: design, implementation, and support of the host or the premise mobility management solutions. In addition, we offer end mobility services and applications to enable the user office assistance program and enhance virtual license and maintenance hardware security.

Mobility is considered the most disruptive technology innovation in today’s business world. In the past few years, mobile devices have grown from just enabling business emails and data on the move, to introducing capable applications and services that change the way companies do business. Mobility helps companies leverage contextual data to reach out to customers effectively.

Mobile technologies today have untethered businesses from their locations, unlocked immense business value, and unleashed innovative solutions to help businesses grow. Enterprises are at the apex of realizing the immense potential of mobility.

CanCon Group offers key mobility services that transform and take your business to next level regardless of the size of your business.

Key Offerings:

  • Securing BYOD Policies: We secure the data in the mobile platforms by disallowing its unauthorized access.
  • Industry-specific Apps: Our highly trained staff offer relevant business applications for mobiles and tablets suiting diverse target users.
  • Mobile Security Solutions: CanCon Group implements the device-specific and application-centric mobile security solutions to global customers.
  • Quality Engineering Services: Mobile applications are rigorously tested against top-notch industry standards in various aspects like functionality, reliability etc.
  • Data Analytics Services: With the help of Hadoop analytics, a huge chunk of random data is churned and presented to the clients to help them make informed business decisions.