The purpose of our DAPP (Doctor Appointment) system of planning creates a win-win situation for the doctor and the patient. A system that allows you to avoid waiting and offers flexibility to its users regardless of age, knowledge or technical skills. And that’s exactly what makes our software unique from others.

This allows patients to enroll with their doctors using three options – by SMS, regular phone calls or online. And it allows doctors to organize their training, arranging, patient flow and better manages your time.

DAPP offer calendaring or scheduling component that allows staff to create and track upcoming patient visits. The software is often differentiated by whether it allows double-booking, or whether it uses a scheduling or a booking model. Schedules are often color-coded to allow healthcare providers (i.e. doctors, nurses, assistants) to easily identify blocks of time or sets of patients.

 Why you should have DAPP System?

  • Easy and fun to use
  • Keep scheduling simple and organized with an intuitive interface
    Create new patients quickly and automatically scan for available appointments
  • Patients quickly see which Doctor’s are available
  • Easy to book an appointment in just a few clicks
    Watching schedule changes in real-time on your mobile device
  • Patients receive an email confirmation at the time of booking
  • Set reminders to be sent 24 hours / 48 hours etc. before the appointment
  • Collect data on a patient’s reason for visiting and insurance information prior to arriving