Decisions are made on a daily basis are the key to business success. Of materials management and production planning to sales and cash flow management, everyone in society needs reliable information to make the right decisions based on the situation of the company handy. With professional situations increasingly dynamic needs of information and presentation of data are also becoming more diverse. Therefore, smart organizations are constantly stakeholders can gain greater business insight to eliminate inefficiencies, exploit the untapped potential and make better decisions.

It is vital for companies to focus on making critical information available to business users in a usable, fast and flexible.

How companies respond to these requests for information without overloading IT and business users as well with over-engineering or costly enterprise reporting software?

Our web-based reporting systems enable companies and organizations to gain a better understanding of their entire business by putting critical information in the hands of those who need it – employees, managers, partners and customers. A true enterprise reporting tool must be able to access all information assets in the enterprise and must support the widespread deployment of hundreds or thousands of users – not just a handful of user’s power.


We will create a formula that finally allows you to better understand, manage, and predict your business performance.


True Insights is all about working with data without error and current. Our reporting tool provides 100% accurate by consolidating data properly and take into account all your data, regardless of the data size. Everyone in your organization can then analyze the same numbers and rely on a single source of truth. Rest assured trends you harvest are high quality and arms makers with the most accurate information.

Viewing all in one place gives you the richest insight you will ever see. CanCon reporting tool, dashboards, web-based interactive tool to ensure that you are able to enter information in the most meaningful way with advanced filtering capabilities and drill down with a variety of visualization tools data. Follow your train of thought using the drag-and-drop data for rapid analysis or define a global filter to instantly set of widgets across the dash with one click.

With dynamic visual and interactive BI reports, you can modify a query by simply clicking on a section of the graph or chart. For each visual, as you build, you can go down to his report underlying to see every detail and combine multiple views to illuminate the bigger picture.