CanCon Group specializes in providing leading edge solutions for retail service industry worldwide. Our corporate vision is to be a globally admired technology partner of choice for the retail industry. We pride ourselves in striving to get our customers to dream, defy conventional thoughts, apply their creativity, and exploit technology to the limits. Our POS solution suite enables customers to gain significant competitive advantage in an ever growing payments marketplace. We leverage the unmatched flexibility of our platform, deep industry expertise and an innovative approach to provide precise processing services globally.

The retail industry is always in a state of flux due to a large number of customers and their demands, a growing list of locations, seasonal plans, and so on. IT solutions providers for the retail industry must take into account these unique needs. Our deep understanding of the retail and distribution market enables us to offer flexible, powerful and scalable solutions. Our clients routinely report improved service and convenience, better customer retention, increased profits and smoother relationships with business partners as some of the benefits they have derived from our solutions.

With the sharp rise in retail sector and with continuous expansion of retail outlets across the globe, the industry has to respond to customers and evolving partners on real-time basis.

Key success factor include:

  • Dynamic pricing and promotions
  • Lean procurement challenges
  • High transaction volume
  • Inventory management challenges arising out of multiple product attributes
  • Variation in customer preferences impacting product promotions
  • Speed of execution
  • Optimize space productivity
  • Aligning inventory with sales
  • Management of volume discounts
  • Advertising challenges
  • Losses arising out of shrinkage
  • Complex merchandize logistics operations
  • Need for increased employee empowerment and productivity

Our solutions help to optimize prices, provide intelligent inventory planning and implement high-powered POS systems that speed checkout and enhance the customer experience. Combining top-notch business expertise with state-of-the-art technology, we create practical solutions to complex challenges in supply chain management, merchandising, eCommerce and store management. The retail industry encompasses sale of merchandise or services from physical locations such as departmental stores and kiosks or from virtual storefronts on the internet or through mail-orders.

The growth and advancements in technology have enabled retail companies to easily and effectively automate their business processes. Automation improves transactional efficiency of processes, speeds up business-to-business communication and significantly reduces operating costs. Our solutions enable retailers to improve their services and operations and hence improve their customer base.