The logistics Industry need to be updated consistently with latest technological advancement to beat competition in the global marketplace, the modules for logistics industry in CanCon Group ERP provides powerful forecasting functionalities supporting long-range planning and helping to optimize the logistic and warehouse management.

CanCon Group ERP solution for logistics industry helps clients achieve faster and sustainable transformation with a focus on achieving outcomes that impact operations at an organizational level. CanCon Group started to focus on logistic ERP solution because, in today’s complex environment, companies need more than traditional ERP suite functions. A traditional ERP system might provide basic inventory management functions, but it couldn’t help manage value-added activities which are very important for logistic industry.

Over the years CanCon Group has continued to develop its logistic ERP to improve functionality and ease of use. And CanCon Group has taken a different approach than many of its competitors in the logistic ERP marketplace. CanCon Group offers its logistic solutions both as fully integrated modules within a larger ERP suite and as standalone, best-of-breed software packages.

CanCon Group’s logistics ERP solution can be integrated with separate sets for sales and operations planning, supply chain planning, supply chain execution, and third-party logistics providers. Logistic ERP solution pulls together data from those and other modules, and presents it in ways that provide value to individual users. Integration is a major enabler for logistics efficiency and the path to achieve complete integration goes the ERP way. CanCon Group logistic ERP system integrates business processes across departments onto a single enterprise-wide information system. The major benefits of CanCon Group logistic ERP are improved coordination across functions and increased efficiencies of doing business. The immediate benefit from implementing CanCon Group logistics ERP systems are reduced operating costs and increasing efficiency.

The flow of information between the various functions like transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding, and Customs clearance and from thence to accounting provides the company with complete visibility required to control costs and create strategies. Elimination of manual processes and duplication of work leads to optimization of resources increasing efficiency.

ERP system has become an ideal solution of efficiency and cost reduction across functions for logistics companies. Some of the benefits of CanCon Group ERP for logistics industry are improved productivity and insight, reduced costs through increased flexibility, improved financial management, enhanced corporate governance, optimized IT spending and instant access to enterprise information.