Our presence in education industry can be easily ascertained by looking at our portfolio that explains best about the work we have done for different institutes, colleges and academic and training establishments.

Our intuitive and appealing web applications have been instrumental in framing the dialogue of trust and reverence for various institutes we have worked with.

Today the schools and colleges operate in a dynamic environment and they need everything to be in place whether pertaining to internal official framework or external communication which entails different departments like accounting, timetable management, transportation management, scholar register, fees and attendance, monitoring, hostel administration, human resource and payroll, online examination and evaluation etc.

We have built significant education portals and application software to help our education sector clients do great job while maintaining their internal system, holding communication with aspiring candidates, managing and controlling their updates using CMS, Online test series, Performance management system, handling correspondences, meeting different operational and other department specific needs.

Key trends shaping the industry:

Government Push: The contribution of Government in the development of education and training services plays an important role specially to increase its coverage to various levels. Educational reforms at various stages have focused more and more on making these facilities available to everyone with convenience. A significant attention is moving from academics to skill development. The role of private players to complement these services is an important factor which will determine the extent of growth of these services.

New opportunities: With the advent of new opportunities in specialty sectors like tourism, digital media, culinary arts etc., the demand for skill development has risen rapidly. It has a three way benefits which involves job creation for teachers, skill development and jobs for students and positive impact on the economy.

Knowledge Sharing: The demand for quality education has accelerated the growth of automated learning environments. Along with wider reach, these also provide opportunities for innovation and creativity in the sector. It also makes possible easy sharing of knowledge across international borders contributing to the enhancement of the global knowledge sharing.

Challenges facing the players involved in the industry:

Expansion with quality: This industry needs to keep expanding its services to bigger segment which will require more skilled professionals in the system. Along with reaching more people, maintaining continuous improvement in the quality of the services will be a major challenge.

Vision for the future needs: One of the biggest challenges of this industry is to cater to the changing requirements of the system and maintain a balance for the focus in the appropriate areas. It requires keeping an outlook of the future services so that the people can be groomed accordingly.