Telecom is a key focus area for CanCon Group. In the last several years we have worked with Telecom Majors across the globe. CanCon Group has the ability and expertise to quickly and efficiently catalyze the process of provisioning performance evaluation and quality control services for telecom carriers.

The time when telecom carriers could generate revenue strictly through voice communication services has long since passed. Now a profound part of the market is dedicated to value-added services that can be delivered to subscribers through an existing networking infrastructure. Our powerful telecom products help carriers operate their networks more efficiently and satisfy the ever-growing requirements of their subscribers.

Some of our focus areas for telecom software solutions include:

  • Operations Support Systems / Business Support Systems
  • Wireless Infrastructure Solutions
  • Mobile Services Solutions
  • Tracking Solution
  • Value-Added Services
  • Location-Based Services

Many Telecom companies outsource their product development to CanCon Group as a standard business practice. The advantages offered by CanCon Group allow high tech firms to remain nimble and productive without sacrificing the technical expertise required to develop leading technology innovations.

CanCon Group has an impressive track record in delivering high-quality, feature-rich software products for and on-behalf of its clients. We accomplish this by providing our skilled development teams with high-end infrastructure, access to the latest technologies and an evolved software development methodology accentuated on offshore software development process.

The telecommunications industry is facing a state of flux due to rapidly evolving technologies, increase in demand, global diversity of its customer base, demand for new products and services at lower prices and the merging of various industries like cable and satellite with traditional telecommunications.