The magic of building a great mobile experience starts with a shared vision. But even before we get there, we immerse ourselves in your business and connect with your customers. Only then do we have the perspective we need to create the type of award-winning digital experiences you’d expect from CanCon Group.

Inspiring design, professional development. Our reputation for delivering nothing short of excellence is unwavering and steadfast.

IDEATION: We create meaningful solutions for our clients starting with ideation – a process that organizes objectives, business problems, target customers and product ideas into a consolidated vision.

CUSTOMER FIRST: Creating great software requires a laser focus on the actual people using the application. With the right focus, we create positive user experiences.

RAPID PROTOTYPING, R&D: We accelerate innovation for our clients by fulfilling an R&D capacity as an extension of their organization. We apply iterative thinking to rapidly prototype, confirm and collaborate on concepts with our clients to arrive at the right solution.

AGILE & LEAN: We iteratively develop software, delivering the highest value items first and providing radical transparency to stakeholders. These principles are applied beyond development, from ideation straight through to delivery.

ENGINEERING DISCIPLINE: We provide weekly releases, automated builds and testing, full transparency, continuous integration, and one-click production deployment.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS: We find and grow professionals with the shared purpose, discipline, passion for the craft, and pride of workmanship.

RELEASE ON DEMAND: Monthly, weekly, daily – whenever you want and need to without the worry of quality problems, deployment errors, or process delays.

SOFTWARE AS A PRODUCT: We build low dependency architectures to help lower your maintenance costs, reduce technical debt, and make it easier to build future capabilities when you need them.